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Are Employees Dodging Security?

Posted by Nick Brigmon on Apr 12, 2018 11:29:23 AM

Are Employees Dodging Security?

My team regularly assists clients in battling with users trying to access non-business related sites or remote locations that may have been deemed not work appropriate. Before we blame the end-user for not respecting the rules our organizations have set, we must remember that not all end users are aware of the risks involved when they visit these nefarious locations. On top of that, not everyone is able to utilize only  business related information for the full 8 hours of the workday! But there are plenty of clean websites that usually aren’t blocked that are known clean sites and can get your mind off work for some time. We need to continue to block sites that are known bad despite the battle it may take.

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Topics: Information Security, Threat Management

Honeypots: Is This Thing On?

Posted by Nick Brigmon on Oct 30, 2017 10:19:48 AM

Honeypots once were a dying technology. In the age of generic anti-virus, a device that did not show immediate results wasn’t well received by most I.T. that had trouble understanding the security benefits behind the stealthy device. The truth of the matter is these honeypots are one of the most powerful internal detection mechanisms a network can have. A fully configured honeypot can help detect and stop a full blown internal attack.

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Topics: Ethical Hacking, Managed Detection & Response, Threat Management, Threat Hunting

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