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Cybersecurity Skill Shortage in Critical Infrastructure Industries

Posted by Jyothish Varma on May 18, 2017 1:48:00 PM

Essential Infrastructure in Peril 

Critical infrastructure industries are a required foundation for a functional society. Without these sectors, vital services and products are unavailable. Health care, finance and manufacturing are three examples of markets that fall under this designation. The huge shortage of personnel with cybersecurity skills puts this essential infrastructure in peril. The demand for these experts is higher than the supply, making it difficult for organizations to appropriately protect themselves from cybercriminals. In the United States, only 66.7 percent of employer demand is met. It's even worse in other countries, with Israel only filling 28.4 percent of demand. 

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Cisco UCS Central Software - Critical Vulnerability Advisory

Posted by NetWorks Group on May 8, 2015 9:08:00 AM

Affected Product
Cisco UCS Central Software versions 1.2 and earlier

If you are currently running Cisco UCS Central Software you should update the software immediately.

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NetWorks Group is Hiring: Come Join Our Team!

Posted by NetWorks Group on May 6, 2013 9:17:00 AM

If you're a fan of delicious restaurants, awesome concert venues, Big 10 sports, or just a bike-friendly city, then you should probably be working with us in beautiful downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. The team at NetWorks Group works at the corner of Main and Huron, a central-point to blocks of great places to shop, eat, and relax at. Located a short distance from the University of Michigan, NetWorks Group benefits from the feeling of both a college-town and an active business hub for southeastern Michigan. For a vibrant mixture of cultures, architecture, and activities, Ann Arbor is hard to beat!

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Configuration Backups for Enterprise Business Continuity

Posted by NetWorks Group on Apr 29, 2013 11:09:00 AM

Does your organization have backups? How about backups that are outside the confines of your primary data center? According to research (The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2012) looking at data from 6,000 IT respondents, "Almost a quarter (23%) of all businesses still don’t have an offsite backup strategy in place today." The need for an off-site backup can be much more than just an added protection for availability, but also a point of integrity for changes occurring within your enterprise. Consider what would happen if an attacker was able to breach your network and then altered a crucial configuration file. Without an off-site backup, they could potentially edit the existing backups to hide their malicious change and you'd never be the wiser. Much in the same way that log backups sent off-site have added integrity, configuration backups also benefit from this technique.

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