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Effective Daily Log Monitoring for PCI

Posted by NetWorks Group on Feb 1, 2018 10:55:04 AM

Security technologies such as firewalls are meant, at best, to prevent data security breaches, or at worst, detect them before they get out of hand; but in some cases, organizations have been complacent. In the infamous Target data breach of 2013, hackers were roaming their system and stealing data for two weeks before the breach was even detected. In the equally egregious breach of Heartland Payment Systems five years earlier, hackers were stealing data for several weeks before the invasion was discovered. Ironically, both Heartland and Target were PCI-compliant, but the time lag between system compromise and detection was unnecessarily long. And, they’re not alone in this regard. 

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Topics: PCI, Compliance, Security Monitoring, Managed Detection & Response

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